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Our company's way of success

History of creation

At the end of 2018 during the fall stage or as it was called the crypto winter of the cryptocurrency market, we realized that our main task is to be more focused on building effective sales techniques which is also an indispensable quality in attracting investments.

This is how the opening of SalAd lab started. After testing our own hypotheses in practice, we realized that we were able to create the best lead generation solution in the field of sales and investment attraction.

Current market position

Our main customers are companies that operate in the international market, as well as start-ups that attract funds to launch projects. We build long-term, trusting relationships with each of them, offering round-the-clock support and service on very attractive terms, with an emphasis on results. Such cooperation allows us to acquire an extensive client base in the shortest possible time and to establish stable relations and work on their development.

Business development plans

In the market for attracting investments and sales, we want to become a major expert player, a buffer that works with both clients and their vendors, both with investors and start-ups. Now we are working hard to improve all processes, increase conversions, create and publish our analytical articles, speak at conferences and we are open to interesting proposals.

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D. A. Lolaev Сo-founder SalAd

N. A. Chudov Сo-founder & CEO SalAd

SalAd lab. - mix of professional services for business development.
Latest news
Direct sales in the investment market.

The most important factors while attracting investment are time and coverage. Time is limited since no investment campaign can last forever, coverage is important because during the campaign your project should be known by the maximum number of target audiences. If you are ready to hire a shark sales team that will contact your customers day and night, then you probably don’t need investments, since having such a department is not cheap at all. The average manager is able to make up to 20-25 primary contacts per day. That is why we came to the automation method, where the manager connects at the stage of secondary contact and dialogue and the first touch occurs automatically. In fact, this is a new way of sales since we do not use phone calls, email addresses, our contact path lies through social networks, as well as direct contacts in messengers, which the maximum number of people use today. In one week, we can produce more than 1000 target touches. However, looking at the final statistics, we have no more than 0.5% conversion, which today gives us a clear understanding that other channels are much less popular, and therefore ineffective for young and growing companies.

IEO Market – Expectation and Reality

In 2019 a new way for attracting funds appears in the market in the form of digital assets – the

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

campaigns. The differences from the former method called ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are that now similar campaigns are carried out directly on the exchanges which analysing the project, conduct an operational fundraising campaign, and then guarantee the listing of the project on this exchange. For investors this method is the most transparent there is no longer any doubt that the token you bought will not go to the exchange or the exchange has no liquidity, which cannot be influenced by you as an investor. The sale of purchased tokens is first available only to those who managed to participate directly in the IEO campaign. So if you bought tokens at earlier stages of sales, you will have access to trading after some time. IEO investors receive up to 10 times profit in the short period, yet their goal is not to support the project but to get a short profit.

However, by mid-year only three largest exchanges for IEO remained, all the other stopped attracting funds to projects why the first failed campaigns have started. Due to the long presence in the cryptocurrency market, our company has established partnerships with top exchanges, which allow us to help in campaigning the most promising projects today.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and changing very quickly. Always be up to date with what’s going on and do not be afraid to change following the market.

The main problems of projects which attracting investors.

Every day we encounter dozens of startups which want to attract investors to their project. Each of them has an idea (it’s great, if it is partially implemented), packaging and an approximate understanding of how they will evolve. Startups today are divided into several types:

– Classic – attracting venture capital investments from funds or business angels, who are ready to give a share in the company.

– Crowdfunding – using a platform to raise funds from private investors, in return giving various advantages to their investors.

– Crypto-startups which choose a financing model in digital assets, as a rule, they are based on blockchain technology.

Today the most common problem of the market is mediacracy. There are countless startups which want to raise funds, but quite a few of them succeed. Every day there are news about a project which has received millions of dollars for launch and development. The whole secret is to choose the right strategy to attract and make a strong emphasis on sales to the target audience. When composing a profile of an investor, we try to determine as accurately as possible the investment funds and private investors who are interested in project of your type and sphere.