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SalAd Lab. Sale Booster.

A unique solution for sales and fundraising created by our team.
Product info

Main target of our team is to develope most valuable instruments for growing companies.
We want to present – Sale Booster, exclusive solution that works effective than 5 hired sales and business development managers.
If your business looking for new clients or raising funds, we can take care about it. Every day we can directly connect you with hundreds of people from your target audience, using most popular business messengers and social networks. Only final stage of the deal is staying for you personally. However we can support you with all deal process as well. We are working around the clock and all around the world. 

5 times
Cheaper that 5 employee.
Your target audience.
Work around the clock all around the world.
How it works?
We research the capacity of the target audience for your business. Then choose a more productive platform - LinkedIn or Telegram.
Creating sales funnel and unique scripts for dialogue control and maintenance.
Start daily from 100 new native dialogues with your target audience.
We control funnel progress daily and edit scripts, offers for the best result.
Product info

Even the minimum coverage exceeds the 3-5 times result of the average sales manager.

Advantages of the solution
Maximum coverage of the target audience.
24/7 activity for any country, time zone.
Managers no longer waste time on cold touches and calls.
No spam, good reputation.
Double increase in sales success, even at minimum pack.
Reducing the sales department expenses.
Opportunity to enter the international market.