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SalAd Lab. SmartSpam.

Effective alternative of spam with highest conversion rate.
About solution

Using our rich experience in promoting various products and solutions of our customers, we came to the conclusion that the existing mailing tools lost their relevance. Actually, nobody read SMS, email newsletters are blocking even by free mail hostings, unfamiliar voicecalls are blocking by number identifier applications.

We offer an absolutely new solution –  informing via a native dialogue with a potential client, using one of the most popular instant messengers in the world – Telegram.

If you think that mass informing might be useful for your business, then you should definitely try our solution, which conversion is much higher than any similar methods.

20 times
Higher conversion than in any another mailing service.
You can continue live chat with all recipients.
Any country,
any audience,
any solution.
How to start?
Creating and accept target audience with you.
Creating scripts and sales funnel.
Professional support team on board ready to take care about all objections and bring all leads to the end of the funnel.
Quick access to workflow.
Additional features:

Messages can be sent not only to the collected telegram user bases, but also to all users whose numbers you can provide. Check your existing or acquired database of contacts for their presence in Telegram users for free.

Our advantages:
Highest possible conversion with our mailing. Ability to continue dialogue with the each recipient.
Our support team never sleeps.
Managers no longer spend time for cold databases touches and calls.
Native style of dialogues avoids negative attitude from the audience to the product.
Double increase customer awareness.
Mailing costs optimisation.
The ability to sell your solutions and products all around the world.